Live Simply, Live Intentionally, And Keep Moving Forward

Live Simply, Live Intentionally, Keep Moving Forward

Live simply, live intentionally, and keep moving forward. That’s my motto. I base it my own life lessons, some learned the hard way. It gives life meaning and direction. It helps in the day-to-day life choices and decisions. And in getting more out of life. The minimalist lifestyle has been growing in popularity among a great diversity of people. More people are realizing their disillusionment with the contemporary definition of the American dream of consumerism. That life only leads to dissatisfaction, disillusionment, clutter, and stress.

Live Simply

Minimalism is not a new fad. Minimalism is an old concept that has been espoused through the ages. You will find it’s principles taught going far back in time as in the doctrines of Christianity and the precepts of Buddhism. And other religions as well. Although minimalism is not specifically religious, and you don’t have to be religious to be a minimalist, the call of minimalism reaches out regardless of the century or epoch.

Remove What Is Unnecessary

A simpler life begins by getting rid of the junk in your life. We all have junk in our life. Oftentimes we just refuse to admit it. But your life would be simpler without so much stuff. You’d be surprised how much of your stuff you wouldn’t need any more if you didn’t have instant access to them. Say, for example, you pack up everything you own into boxes and move them into a storage building. Then when you decide you actually need something, only then do you go to get them and bring the item you need back into your home. By the end of the month, how much of your stuff do you think you would have actually unpacked? I believe that this is something similar to what Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalist tried in his introduction to minimalism.

But some of the junk in our lives is not stuff. It’s over busy schedules and too many responsibilities. Or detrimental relationships, or past hurts and offenses. These are things you need to discard of also. Although it often seems easier said than done, it really is your choice. You can choose to live in the past (which does you no good), or you can choose to live in the present and leave the past behind you. You decide what you want.

Know What You Want

Decide for yourself what you want your life to stand for. Make a clear and decisive decision about what is important to you. Take the time to think it through and make that decision. Many people don’t make that decision, they just go with what life hands them. What about you? Are you living the life of your desire or just working your shift, counting the days until the weekend?

No job is perfect, but if you absolutely hate your job all you are doing is adding stress to your life that you don’t need. You have a number of options. 1.) You can look for another job while you continue to work where you are at. Just because you have a job doesn’t mean you should stop looking for a job. And in some companies, there may even be opportunities to switch paths. 2.) Find the things that you do like about your current job and focus on those things. 3.) Start a side business while you work until you can build it up to replace your job. There are even more options if you put your imagination and resourcefulness to work.

The point is: know what you want for your life. Set your own direction for where your life is going and don’t leave it to chance or to someone else to make that decision for you. And know what you want in your life. Be intentional about the things you have and keep in your life.

Live Intentionally

When you hear the words; “brain tumor,” it’s as though the whole world suddenly started spinning out of control. Nothing is ever the same again. Life can be full of surprises. You never know what can happen from one day to the next. One thing I have learned is to live each day for itself. Take one day at a time. Live your life with purpose and direction. Make each day count for something.

Live Each Day For What It Is

You can’t go back and change anything that happened yesterday. Even if you do have a specially modified Delorean. So it’s a waste of time being bitter about what happened in the past. Don’t waste today being upset about what would have, could have, or should have. Focus on what is happening right now.

You may not be able to change the past, but you can change the future. You can do that by putting the past behind you and doing what needs to be done right now. By all means, look to the future, but live in the present. Do what needs to be done now.

Don’t let the past control you. Take control of your life by taking responsibility for the direction of your life. Take each day for what it is and decide what you can do to move forward. Do something every day that moves you closer to your goals.

Keep Moving Forward

No matter what happens, keep moving forward. When something happens to set you back, keep moving forward. When you have messed things up beyond repair, keep moving forward. Even when it all seems hopeless, keep moving forward.

Yes, Failure Is An Option

No one likes to fail. But failure is a part of the path to success. In my younger days, I used to like doing jumps and tricks on my bicycle. You have to be willing to fail a lot until you get it right. I watch kids go through the same process with their skateboards today.

We often fear failure rather than embrace it as part of the journey towards our success. Somewhere I read this quote from Albert Einstein: “Failure is success in progress.” Take your failures head-on and keep moving forward. Learn from them. Benefit from them. Profit from them.

Do Something Every Day To Move Yourself Closer To Your Goals

Every day, try to do something that helps you to achieve your goal. Even the smallest step. It is those small steps that add up. Persistence makes progress. Just do something. One step at a time, one day at a time, keep moving forward!
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